Long ago, before man, Earth’s energies were at one with the universe.

The animals that walked the planet did no harm. 

As man and his awareness grew, he became greedy. 

This greed has had a devastating effect on the planet that you know as Earth.

But the Earth is also part of the solar system.”


When we think of the planet’s changing environment, we tend to relate such dangers to the comfort and survival of mankind, which is a natural animal instinct.  But man has the tools of awareness and choice on a scale denied to other inhabitants of the planet and therefore carries the awesome responsibility for their life or death and for the survival of the Earth itself. 


If we are willing to remove the blinkers of self-interest we see a much larger picture: a world in dire need of balance, where every thought and action has a consequence for the whole.  And if we draw our vision out still further we become aware of our place in a solar system that also exists in a state of inter-dependence with the universe.  Just as the sun and moon affect the oceans’ rise and fall, so all of creation moves and breathes within the same supreme energy.  This applies also to those dimensions of existence unseen by the human eye: the vibrational levels occupied by souls according to awareness gained so far.  Is it therefore any wonder that Forces of the Universe are concerned at the downward spiral and have drawn close to guide mankind at this time?


Warnings about the environment started to be received by members of the Trust in 1988.  The following are just a few extracts:


 “The urgent Message for the world is on ecology.  The dispersal of the ozone layers, the evaporation of the rain forests and the consequences of the so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ are the greatest dangers the world has ever faced.  Within a decade, if it is not stopped, vast areas of the planet will be dry.  You are already seeing reduced grain harvests as a consequence of the higher rise in temperatures.  This situation will get worse.  The effect will be a shortage of grain on a world basis.  The richer countries can survive due to heir purchasing power but the third world countries will be unable to do this.  The consequences will be disastrous.  Urge the world to do something about it.  Forces of the Universe are concerned at the developments.  Heed the warning.”


[Oxfam report April 2006: Between 10 and 12 million people in southern Africa are facing severe food shortages.  Around 11 million people across East Africa are facing a serious food crisis.  With the poor and failed rains of the last three seasons there are now serious water shortages in much of northern Kenya.]


“Never in your history on this planet have you been so capable of destroying your own environment and that of all those who share the planet with you, and yet still you have choice. 

“Mankind has never had an opportunity like he has now where the resources of the world could be harnessed for the benefit of everyone regardless of religion or colour.  Now is the time for man to do something before it is too late, for wouldn't it be a shame if we had to find somewhere else in the Universe to experience life because none existed on this planet? The sad thing is that man can clearly see the precipice of his own making and with eyes wide open he walks towards the edge.  Many argue that God would not allow such a situation to occur, but God has given you choice - how else are you going to learn?  But it seems sad you should seek to destroy a planet in pursuance of choice. 

“There is nothing new in what we have said, nothing that is not apparent to all sane thinkers, but perhaps among some of you, the fact we have said it makes it a little more pertinent in your ears.  We hope so.  For those of you on the Earthplane and us at all levels of awareness, part of your responsibility is to think of us as well - and that is something you seldom do, for all we can do is help give you choice, but it is you that choose.”


As in many other parts of the world, the main focus of our group was to send healing to the planet and all the life it supports.  For some years it was guided in how this may be achieved; working to still the mind and open the heart to the flow of love, directing that force outwards from the centre of the living Earth and using the vibrations of sound and colour.  We were shown how the thoughts of all mankind are held within a latticework of energy around the planet, creating fine and dense areas, which like the atmosphere, is unconsciously absorbed by all living things.  And we learned how the force of love can penetrate and resolve negative energy.  We were told, and we experienced, how legions of beings from other dimensions joined with us in this task, for however great their love for us is, they are powerless without the cooperation of those in the material world.

Central to the work were many beings who had lived as Native American Indians for, as we were told, “…their prayers, their chanting are truly, truly of a holy nature, for truly they spoke to the spirits of the earth, the spirits of the trees and of the water.  They will show us how to bring these spirits back to life, to help them flourish.  They will teach us their ways for it is their ways that will help heal what man has done.  To truly know that each thing we love responds accordingly is pure magic: for truly they all do, and all will.  With a little help we will have them flourishing again.  It will start off small but it will grow; then people will see the beauty again and will not wish to lose it.  For man has an opportunity to truly learn to value what he has had all the time but has forgotten.  That is why we have started with the centre of the Earth, the heart of the Earth, for truly it beats.  The healing will be spread through the body of the Earth, as you could say.  A strong heart will help no end, for the Earth is tired, as we are tired when we are misused, so we help give the Earth its heart back.”

The usual focus for the healing was to visualise the planet suspended and turning in the centre of the group.  At this time members would often see individual Native Indian Warriors on rocky outcrops around the Earth or standing on a wonderful rainbow that circled it horizontally like a halo of colour.  Guidance for the healing would then be given according to the most pressing needs at that time; building grids of golden energy, sending beams of colour into different locations, frequently focussing on oceans and rivers, directing love to the decision-makers of the world, and so on.  It is impossible to put into words all the experiences shared by this group or to covey the breadth of the work except to say that it is strongly connected to the changes taking place at the start of this new age of mankind.


A new phase of the process then began 2005 with an additional group of communicators who came for the specific purpose of guiding development towards a major worldwide healing event at the end of that year – a seemingly overwhelming prospect for us at the time. 


 “For now we will come and sit with you, we will work with you, if you will allow us.  And with you and through you, we will work with others, building, building, building columns of energy and when the time is right and the columns of energy are strong, we will join forces and link together.  The timing will be crucial and it is for this purpose we are together now.”


“The damage that has been done cannot be reversed but in time healing will take place.”

“Scientists focus on atoms, they see these as energy, but it is the energy that is unseen that has the most power.  We connect with this power, as do you, and we join together to use it for the good of mankind.  One may wonder why we need to do so, but not to do so creates an uncertain future.”


“‘Love’ is but a word that the human mind will use but it is the closest word that comes to understanding energy in the universe.  Love is the purest form of energy - but it must be untainted by the human mind.


“Let love surround the planet, every individual, every animal, every insect, every molecule: this thought alone carries such energy.  The thought of love is simple but the energy it carries is profound.”


There is so much more in all these communications that we would like to share with readers in future issues.  For now we will simply say that two meetings were held, and some of the reports from participants, some present and some tuning in from a distance, are printed on other pages.  It was interesting to note that many initial impressions were of the darkness and pain of the Earth but then the great Column of Light was seen, independently recognised by some as the Christ energy.


As to those who had guided us from other dimensions, this is what one person was shown in meditation at the group meeting following the final Earth Awareness event: “…there were lines and lines of Indians who bent down on one knee as an acknowledgement of what had occurred.  Between them and us was a stream of brown water but as I watched this changed and became clear blue: it felt like a purification.”       JT.