Time is running out Ė act now!


Earth Awareness Day


11th December 2005


Co-ordinated International awareness & healing for planet Earth


Donít turn aside ó because without your input nothing will change and unless there is a fast and dramatic change in mankindís awareness then the environmental decline will become irreversible.


What can we do?

Earth Awareness Day is our one opportunity to come together as a global family regardless of location, creed or nationality, and combine to focus our full attention and compassion on the needs of our living planet and all the life she supports.


Thought is our greatest tool and our closest link with spiritual energy.

Each one of us therefore has the power to make a difference.

Groups that join together in thought have an even greater impact.

By being part of a group on December 11th and particularly by linking in thought to others around the world at 3 p.m. local time, you may be assured that your contribution will be enormous.

This is our moment of choice, for Forces of the Universe are waiting but unable to halt the decline without mankindís cooperation.

It is these Forces that have asked for this concerted effort on this date:

are you willing?


Individuals and groups must begin their preparation now by aligning their thoughts with the Earth on a daily basis as well as finding ways to publicise the event and invite others to participate in this urgent mission.


An information pack is available to download. (Click here)

This offers guidance on setting up or joining a group plus a suggested format for the event.


If you live in the South West of England (or are visiting), you may wish to join a group meeting
in Teignmouth at the Community College in Exeter Road, 3 pm.
For further details, please click here.


Please forward this information to all contacts that you feel may be interested.


World Awareness Trust: www.worldawarenesstrust.org