Spiritual Healing



What is Spiritual Healing?

Within each one of us lays a natural ability to self-correct. In simple terms, spiritual healing helps us to get in touch with that ability.

In spiritual healing, the healer creates what may be described as an ‘environment' of healing energy that triggers this self-healing process to whatever degree is appropriate and possible for the individual at that time.

As its title implies, spiritual healing takes place on the spiritual level - what may be called soul to soul - where the cause of the problem is known, as well as what is needed to resolve it. The depth of such information is rarely in the conscious mind of the patient and certainly not known to the healer. Therefore whilst the energy may be focused on the presenting condition, the spiritual intelligence will also direct it to the whole person: body, mind, emotions and soul.

Spiritual healing is not a magic pill but the potentially life-changing opening-up to a person's inner being, bringing healing, balance and greater awareness.

Spiritual healing is not confined to any religion or belief, or none. Faith in the healer is not required – just an open mind and a willingness to be well.

Will it make me better?

No healer is able to predict the outcome of any session of spiritual healing simply because they do not have that information.

It is true to say, however, that based on experience there is likely to be a beneficial result somewhere on a scale of 1 to 10. Whilst scenes of instant cures from crippling conditions are the ones most commonly associated with spiritual healing (and they do sometimes occur) most results are less instant or visually spectacular, but this is not to say they may not be just as dramatic for the individual.

All illnesses and disabilities are brought for spiritual healing, frequently as a last resort. Once again it is important to emphasise that no guarantees of cure can be given but the weight of anecdotal evidence of improvement is well documented and impressive.

Spiritual healing is offered alongside medical and therapeutic treatments and healers neither seek to diagnose conditions nor suggest changes to orthodox medication: it is the recipient's responsibility to contact their doctor if they feel a change has occurred.

Because spiritual healing takes place within a different level, or dimension, unfamiliar but lovely sensations, images and colours are often experienced and almost always, a profound sense of peace and love.

  What is a Spiritual Healer?

Each one of us comes into life with particular talents, or potentials, such as music, mathematics, craftwork, nursing, science or art and the same is true of spiritual healing. However, every talent has to be nurtured and developed in order to be fully expressed

Courses are available through several reputable organisations for those who feel an inner calling towards healing. These generally include all aspects of healing but with an emphasis on individual development rather than acquired knowledge alone. It may be said of a spiritual healer that the act of healing is not something they do, but an expression of what they are.

Healers operate by accessing the energy of Universal Love from within their being and directing its flow by thought. They do not try to impose their personal will or desires for a given outcome but seek only to offer the energy quietly and with humility.

Spiritual healers are motivated by compassion to alleviate suffering. Some healers work with individuals, some with groups, some channel their healing through medical work, the caring professions, therapeutic practice, etc. Many also offer distant healing to individuals, world conflicts, other life forms and the planet itself.

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